our-story1Our diabetes story actually began before our March 18, 2015 admission to the ER/PICU and T1D (Type 1 Diabetes) diagnosis, we just didn’t realize it at the time. For months, Teagan had been drinking A LOT and peeing A LOT. She is a very heavy sleeper so I didn’t worry too much about the fact that she was still wearing GoodNites pull-ups to sleep in even though she was 7. Her lips were very dry and cracking no matter how much lip balm she used. She had lost about 10 pounds over the previous three months but kids go through growth spurts. She had gotten her ears pierced right after Christmas and wore the piercing earrings for 9 weeks with no issue until we changed them out for cheap decorative ones and her earlobe got infected (I’m allergic to nickel earrings so I thought she may be as well). We saw the pediatrician on Friday March 13th who prescribed oral antibiotics (Cephalexin) twice a day for ten days for her infected earlobe. She took the first dose that night. On Saturday, we drove out to Daffodil Hill but she got tired quickly and didn’t want to walk around for very long. When we got home she napped for a couple of hours which was odd because she gave up naps when she was about 2.5…[Read More]