May 16


We visited Lily Grace at NIDAD (National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs) in Cottonwood, CA today. It was a 3 hour drive each direction and we spent 3 hours at her home meeting a half dozen different dogs in various phases of their training. Big or small, Teagan loved all the diabetic alert dogs and even got some alerts since her post-lunch insulin didn’t kick in forever (probably due to her excitement) and her blood sugar wouldn’t drop below 250 for almost two hours. Lily was so open and honest in answering my questions and sharing her perspective as a former nurse and dog trainer of 30+ years. She encouraged me to reach out to other families to find out about what their experience and challenges were. She warned that owning a DAD wouldn’t always be easy and would require ongoing reinforcement. There was no pressure to make an immediate decision or sign a contract. The time she invests in training each dog is significant and the cost reflects that but whatever the price tag, it’s worth it for my daughter’s health and well-being.

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