May 4


It’s my first business trip since Teagan’s diagnosis and everything that could go wrong is. It’s 9am as I about to board my plane to TX for three days and T’s Dexcom CGM sensor decided to stop working for 3 hours during which she went high (over 300) then low and sensor started again but isn’t accurate and needs to be swapped out. Since we’ve only had the CGM for three weeks, my Mom doesn’t know how to do it yet but the other T1D mama from our school, who I’ve only known for a month, is coming to my rescue. The T1D community is so supportive of each other, it’s truly amazing. The sensor gets swapped out around 7:45pm and T is a trooper about having someone else besides me change it and now we are playing the 2 hour startup waiting game and then two drop calibration. Around 10pm we are back up and running with a BG of 358 which is definitely high but at least we don’t have to go through the night without alarms for low and high BG. Once you are used to having CGM data updates every 5 minutes, there is no way to imagine being without it.

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